HIGH-R Revolutionizes Metal Building Insulation – Pays for Itself by Lowering Energy Costs

AMES, Iowa – June 11, 2009 –Metal building owners can dramatically reduce their heating and cooling costs, meet green building standards and achieve a high-end interior look with the new High-R Insulation System.

Unlike traditional metal building insulation methods in which thin layers of bat insulation or urethane are installed between trusses at the base of the roof decking, the High-R Insulation System panels are attached to clips at the base of roof purlins. A patented manifold then fills the cavity above the panels with approved fiberglass blowing wool insulation, giving the ceiling system an insulation value up to R 42.

The High-R Flex-Tight trim package creates a rigid seal between panels that prevents condensation. It even can stand up to regular power washing. Its light-reflective finish offers additional energy savings by reducing requirements for artificial lighting.

“The High-R Insulation System often pays for itself within months by lowering the energy requirements for metal buildings,” says Tanner Kinzler, vice president of High-R. “The energy savings offers building developers a competitive advantage because they can assure buyers or tenants that they can count on low building operating expenses.”

Kinzler adds that metal building contractors also benefit because they system is installed after the roof decking, eliminating weather delays common with typical metal building insulating methods.

The exposed surface of the High-R board is FDA approved for use in food processing facilities. The High-R Insulation System also is on the GSA schedule for use in government buildings and may qualify for energy efficiency tax credits. It also can be retrofitted to most existing metal buildings.