Kinzler Construction Services Debuts New Approach to Metal Frame Building Insulation

Kinzler has a new approach to its most popular metal building insulation solution, the High-R Banded System. This new approach makes the system easier to install, provides increased thermal protection and improved aesthetics at a cost that fits your budget. The first install of the High-R Banded Next Generation Solution is happening at Kinzler’s Ankeny, Iowa warehouse.

Kinzler Construction Services invented the High-R Metal Building Insulation Solutions in 2001. Founder and Executive Chairman Kevin Kinzler felt the whole process for installing insulation in metal buildings was backwards. He thought it made more sense to put the roof on first, then put in the insulation. That way, you can insulate in any weather. With the highest r-value insulation. And better aesthetics.  So he came up with a new process to insulate using purlin clips to attach rigid ceiling or wall panels to edge trim, and then fill the cavity with blown-in insulation. With five systems to choose from, HIGH-R can create a custom insulation solution for your building type, climate zone and price point.