Carousel Lanes

Location Story City, IA
Owner Jim and Patty Beck
Installer Thompson & Sons Construction
Project Type New Construction
End Use Bowling Alley & Restaurant

The challenge of running any business involves controlling costs. The question of how to build an energy efficient building beyond the traditional pinched fiberglass blankets was answered with the HIGH-R® Insulation System.

The Big Chief building package was a hybrid steel support structure with two by eight wood purlins on the roof deck. The HIGH-R system was screw fastened to the wood purlins instead of using the patented purlin clips in this instance. The owner’s choice of color was burgundy to complement the gray support beams. The end result was a maintenance free ceiling in regards to the life cycle of painting. The 14,000-square-foot project had two different floor levels to accommodate the ball return equipment. The installers therefore used wheeled scaffold to reach the ceiling and efficiently move from bay to bay.

The effective R-value for this project was R-40. The method of placing the fiberglass insulation by blower instead of stuffing blankets ensures complete cavity fill. The risk of having voids that are not adequately insulated as with the blankets is minimal. The cavity is consistently and evenly filled to provide the resistance to energy flow to lower the monthly utility bills. The finished appearance needs no maintenance, so just stand back and admire the HIGH-R system and the energy efficiency the system brings to realization season after season.