Division Street Gym & Gymnastics Center

Location Ormond Beach, FL
Owner City of Ormond Beach
Installer Hall Construction
Project Type Retrofit
End Use Gym and Gymnastics Center

The City of Ormond Beach was searching for a solution to their buildings’ many needs. When Hall Construction introduced them to the HIGH-R® Insulation Solutions they knew it was the perfect match for their situation.

The existing steel building that housed the city gym and gymnastics center was consuming large amounts of energy, and the ceilings were unsightly. That was until the HIGH-R Rigid Panel Plus Insulation Solution was installed. Alex Blake, an engineer for the city said “The HIGH-R product was presented to the City as a relatively low cost solution to provide sound dampening and improved insulation when we were looking at installing a ceiling system in the Nova Gym.”

The HIGH-R Rigid Panel Plus Solution is designed to provide maximum energy efficiency while providing a clean, bright finish. It works by attaching the patented purlin clip to the purlin, sliding the trim into the clip, and placing the panels in the trim. Once the panels are in place, the cavity above the panels is filled with blow-in fiberglass insulation resulting in an R-value of 40+ depending on the depth of the cavity filled and the thickness of the fiberglass board used.

Prior to the installation of the HIGH-R solution, the sound quality was poor, the appearance was lacking, and most of all the energy efficiency was almost non-existent. With the HIGH-R solution in place, the savings will be seen immediately. With a system that has an R-Value of nearly 45, it is hard to compare to other systems available.

The City of Ormond Beach chose HIGH-R because they are a turnkey operation that can meet all needs and budgets. Whether new or retrofit, HIGH-R will customize a solution for your building to maximize the return on your insulation investment.

For a free quote contact HIGH-R at 888.595.2763 or visit our website at www.high-r.com.