PSI Printing Services

Location Belmond, IA
Owner Steve Been
Installer HIGH-R, Inc.
Project Type New Construction
End Use Warehouse

After checking out all insulation options, PSI Printing Services chose to go with a solution from HIGH-R, Inc. With their needs being efficiency, low cost and flexibility, the HIGH-R Banded Insulation Solution was the perfect fit, delivering an R-Value of 3.7 per inch of installed blown insulation.

The Banded Solution was retrofitted into the existing structure, which was challenging given the large equipment throughout the area. Steve Been of PSI said “They were able to maneuver and work around our equipment and existing interior structures with ease, and it turned out great.” HIGH-R utilized different types of personal lift vehicles to reach the areas that needed to be insulated.

The process of installing the insulation was simple thanks to the HIGH-R Quick Attach Clip & Cap, patent pending. After snapping the clip onto the purlin, the Tri-Ply Poly Material was fastened in place with banding that was secured on the pin of the Quick Attach Clip with the white cap. The bays were then blown to specifications with fiberglass delivering an R-value of up to R-45. With these techniques, HIGH-R was able to complete the job in a timely manner, and the end result was what PSI wanted and needed.

During the winter and summer months, when they use the most energy, their consumption was less than expected. Been said “We expected to have to buy another air conditioning unit for the warehouse but with the HIGH-R Banded Solution installed we are saving a lot of heat flow and air loss,” thus eliminating the need for the second unit.

HIGH-R, Inc. has proven time and time again that they have the right insulation solutions for any building and any budget. With HIGH-R you can cut energy costs and boost your profit.

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