Location Indianola, IA
Owner Alamo Group, INC.
Installer HIGH-R, Inc.
Project Type Retrofit
End Use Ag Parts Manufacturing Facility

After a fire damaged their manufacturing facility there was a need for a major renovation to begin. Along with the other needs, insulating the building was going to be a tough and challenging task, but HIGH-R® was up to it.

Because this project had a tight budget, the HIGH-R Radiant Double Bubble Solution was chosen to deliver the high R-value needed while costing less than the traditional HIGH-R Rigid Panel Plus Solution. In addition to providing the desired R-value, it affords a clean, bright white appearance on the ceiling as well as a Class 1A fire rating.

Prior to the fire, the pinched bat R-11 insulation provided less R-value, a lower fire resistance and an unclean appearance when compared to the HIGH-R solution. By removing over 80,000 square feet of the pinched batting from the ceiling and walls of the facility and installing the new insulation system, Alamo Group reaped many benefits.

The degree of difficulty for this project was high. “I appreciated the fact that they were able to work with our second shift to get the work done when we were able to,” said Gail Schwenke, Plant Manager. Crews utilized mobile booms and scissor jacks to install the HIGH-R solution.

The energy savings are expected to be seen during the upcoming winter months as they will need to run their utilities less and conserve the heat exchange through the building. HIGH-R has a solution for any budget and any building, new or retrofit.

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