The HIGH-R® system meets or exceeds a wide variety of technical specifications:

  • Standard system R-Value of 40 per ASTM C 976 CHB
  • Meets ASTM C 1289-89 Type 1 Class 2 (Options available)
  • Provides an excellent vapor barrier — less than .03 Vapor Permeability
  • Individual components comply with CABO, ICC, ICBO, SBCCI, HUD/FHA, ASTM C 764, ASTM E 136, and/or are UL Classified. Various individual components are manufactured by other parties; FM Approval for any components may be verified by visiting
  • Is formaldehyde-free
  • Exceeds most local, state, and government code requirements
  • Exceeds ASHRE 90.1
  • FDA approved for food grade applications with available qualifier

HIGH-R can provide you with customized construction specifications to help you better plan your next building project.

To get customized specs, please submit the following contact information. The specification sheet is also available by clicking here.

A HIGH-R representative will be in contact with you to discuss your project and provide accurate spec information.