banded solution

The HIGH-R Banded Solution is designed to provide excellent thermal performance and a clean, bright finish. It works by clipping the patented HIGH-R Quick Clip onto the purlin. This clip is designed with a protruding pin to attach the poly tri-ply barrier and the banding. Fiberglass insulation is then blown in to fill the cavity to provide r-values of 3.7 per inch of depth. The quick clip uses a plastic cap to lock the bands and scrim into place. The plastic caps stop drips from forming when the dew point temperature is reached. This solution provides R-values that are determined by the depth of the roof purlins. For instance an eight inch cavity can provide up to R-33.


  • Reduced HVAC equipment needs mean lower overhead and less up front capital.
  • Light-reflective ceiling enhances your buildings appearance
  • LEED points are available by reuse of existing materials and keeping existing insulation systems from going to the landfills. The High-R insulation solutions all help to achieve LEED points with energy performance.