The HIGH-R Rigid Panel Plus Solution is designed to provide maximum energy efficiency while providing a clean, bright finish. It works by attaching the purlin clip, sliding the trim into the clip, and placing the panels in the trim. Once the panels are in place, the cavity above the panels is filled with blown-in fiberglass insulation resulting in an R-value of 40+ depending on the depth of the cavity filled and the thickness of the fiberglass board used.


  • Maximum R-values for reduced heating/cooling costs
  • Reduced HVAC equipment needs mean lower overhead and less up front capital.
  • Light-reflective, finished ceiling enhances your buildings appearance and reduces the lighting which lowers capital costs and operating budget
  • Durable and power-washable
  • Opportunity for lower insurance rates, thanks to the fire-rated insulation system (talk to your insurance agent to learn more)
  • Possible tax credits, LEED certificates, and Energy Star certificates
  • Unique patented design prevents sags, cracks, tears, discoloration, and condensation and heat loss
  • Our turnkey solution for one-call convenience (includes system, crew and installation)

Click here to view an animation of the install.