Here’s how the HIGH-R® system works. Given the long list of benefits, isn’t it amazing how easy our process looks? Why doesn’t anybody else offer it? Simple. We own the patent.  

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The HIGH-R® Insulated Ceiling and Wall System consist of four primary components:

  • Edge Trim

    The Flex-Tite trim package assures an air- and moisture-tight seal at the edges and between the ceiling panels, creating a rigid surface that provides a high-end finished look and supports energy-saving insulation above the purlins. The Flex-Tite trim can stand up to regular power washing and will prevent sagging during the entire life of the system.
  • Purlin Clips

    Specially designed clips are attached to the bottom of the purlins to attach the insulated ceiling panels, thereby creating a cavity above the panels that can be filled with approved fiberglass blown wool to achieve an effective insulation value of as much as R-45.
  • Panels

    White-faced or colored polyisocyanurate insulation panels are secured to the purlin clips, providing a solid surface to support blown insulation in the cavity above it. Available in a variety of thicknesses, the light-reflective panels contain the dew point to prevent condensation in the room below. They also may reduce requirements for artificial lighting, further reducing energy consumption. And they give the room a high-end, finished look.
  • Blown Insulation

    The HIGH-R system achieves maximum energy efficiency through the installation of approved fiberglass blowing wool insulation. A patented manifold fills the cavity above the polyisocyanurage panels to a consistent density, providing an effective insulation value up to R-45.