The HIGH-R Rigid Panel Solution is designed to provide a clean, bright, durable, consistent finish for a building requiring an R-value of approximately R-15. The rigid panel system fits for semi climate controlled areas that need to improve the appearance and brighten the space. The r-values achieved will be determined by factors of existing insulation and thickness of the rigid panel used. For instance using a two inch thick panel will perform at R-13 and additional thermal performance can be attributed from the reflective face depending on the pre-existing insulation conditions.


  • Light-reflective, finished ceiling enhances your buildings appearance and needs less lights which lowers capital costs and operating budget
  • Durable and power-washable
  • Unique patented design prevents sags, cracks, tears, discoloration, and condensation and heat loss
  • Our turnkey solution for one-call convenience (includes system, crew and installation)